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Arno and Leonora met each other in South Africa over 30 years ago. It did not take long before the obvious synergy between us led us to establishing  a working relationship together. Arno had already built up a company from the early 80´s, during the time of sanctions against South Africa. The publication, International Who´s Who SA, was extremely rewarding, as it created opportunities for business executives in South Africa to generate international contact with other business leaders, due to the international distribution of the books. Arno asked Leonora to head up the administration department, which left him free to concentrate on interviewing business leaders and sales. The publication grew to include Southern Africa, International Who´s Who Southern African Trade, Business & Industry, which was a great challenge and very inspiring.

Due to political and other changes in South Africa, we decided to come back to Arno´s home – Austria. We are delighted to continue working together as a team and look forward to every project where we can, along with our co-operation partners and consultants, combine our strengths and expertise to create a positive environment for business leaders wishing to set up in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and southern Africa.


Arno Ofenheimer

Chief Executive

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Leonora Ofenheimer

Director Administration


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Technical Consultant


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Assistant Administration