Von Ofenheimer & Associates

Osazuwa Saint Akonzee

Technical Consultant


Born: 10 October 1989

Place of Birth: Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria

Nationality: Austrian

Languages: fluent in German and English, Edo




1995 – 2000                         Primary school, Nigeria

2000 – 2002                         Secondary school, Nigeria

2002 – 2005                         Secondary school, Austria

2005 – 2009                         Vocational school, Eibiswald, Austria

2018 – 2019                         KUKA College, bfi, Deutschlandsberg, Austria

2020 -                                    Bundesgymnasium und Wirtschaftliches BRG für Berufstätige, Graz




2021 -                                    Consultant, Von Ofenheimer & Associates


till 31.6.2020                        SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH, Graz

                                               Foreign Mechanical Technician Supervisor

                                               installation of SSI Schäfer Automation Convey system

                                               supervising, assisting workers and partners

                                               inventory and quality control

                                               time management and progress documentation


2019                                      SSI Schäfer Automation GmbH, Graz, through Bridge Personal &


                                               Mechanical Technician

                                               assembly of different SSI Schäfer Automation convey systems


2019                                      Magna, Lanach

                                               Certified Robotics Expert

                                               feasibility study

                                               robotics troubleshooting, process optimization and cost estimation


2018                                      NovaPark, Graz

                                               Supervisor Mechanical Technician

                                               construction of Boeing 727-200 and ljuschin 62 on the rooves of Hotel

                                               Novapark buildings


2009 – 2013                         Roto Frank Austria GmbH, Kalsdorf

                                               Supervisor Mechanical Technician

                                               process coordination, settings, maintenance, and repairs of

                                               production machines

                                               quality control, Laboratory Supervisor


2013 – 2018                         Personal-leasing firms

                                               Mechanical Technician

                                               installation, revision and repairs of production machines and devices


2011                                      Federal Armed Forces services


2010                                      “Stars of Styria” 2010 Award Mechanical Technician


2006 – 2009                         Roto Frank Austria GmbH, Kalsdorf

                                               Apprentice Mechanical Technician


2005 – 2006                          Jugend am Werk, Graz

                                               Apprentice Electrical Machine Technician


Additional Knowledge:


Driving license, forklift driving license, crane driving license

Keytech, AMS

Autodesk Inventor, PTC Creo

Siemens Simatic Step7

EDV-Programmer Skills and Repair (Software/Hardware)

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Python Web-development with Django

Ubuntu Server (Gunicorn, Nginx, cerbot etc)