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One stop shop for local and international companies

With over 35 years of experience in business and related management consultancy activities and having successfully achieved many business projects for companies in Germany, UK and especially southern Africa, we offer, in conjunction with our co-operation partners: 

    What we do:

    Representation of overseas companies in D-A-CH and southern Africa

    are you looking to test your products or services in Austria, Germany, Switzerland or southern Africa and need someone on the ground to accomplish this first, before you really expand your business in these countries? We´ll find the right person for you.



    from finding the right partner for companies and business people seeking to grow their business, to advising them of the business environment pertaining to their products or services in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and southern Africa.



    whatever your product or services you are offering, we can do a market research for you to see if a niche market or advancement in the market is available for you. If you wish to sell your company, we will find the right buyer for you.



    if you do not wish to personally run a project in D-A-CH or southern Africa, we can run it for you on your behalf, until you are ready to take over. Along with our partners we offer our services and expertise to accommodate your business requirements and needs.



    if you need advice on exporting or importing your products or services in the D-A-CH or southern Africa, we can help you with the red tape.

    Sector: Export, import, transit, domestic market trade, representation of foreign companies, international business consulting, web design. English proofreading.

    The company's activities focus on the procurement and brokering of products and/or know-how from other companies and/or related services within the DACH region and southern Africa, as well as sales and marketing for SMEs in Austria.

    Over and above, our CEO, Arno Ofenheimer, is a partner of Bemer International AG, and is accredited as a Medical Device Consultant.

    Von Ofenheimer & Associates

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